We welcome new Trade and Industry members who believe they can share in the Specialist Independent Appliance Contractors Association's vision.

Why? We believe in freedom of choice and that there should be a voice that champions uncompromised choice.

What? We protect the continuity of independence so that HCPs, patients and the payer community will have an ongoing confidence in our members.

How? By speaking with one voice, as an association, we have a place at the table and we can take part in the debate about the future of healthcare in a meaningful way. By pooling our healthcare and business knowledge and by surveying HCPs and patients we are able to use our insights and findings to lobby policy makers and support patients and HCPs.

Vision: The SIACA Choice Assured mark: a mark of quality healthcare professionals, patients, payers and influencers trust to protect freedom of choice. The SIACA choice assured mark ensures your choices come first.

For more information
Please visit our contact page. Membership information packs are sent out by mail. Therefore please ensure that you provide your postal address when requesting any membership information.