The SIACA charter

Wherever you see the SIACA ‘choice assured’ mark you will know these promises are being made by whichever member organisation it is you are dealing with…

Patients and carers: We promise to respect the choices you've made with your nurse. We know you have invested in the relationship and you do not want the products agreed upon to be compromised so we prioritise a continuity of appliance and service.

Healthcare Professionals and pharmacists: In addition to everything we promise your patients we also promise that if you try us as a new customer for six months and the relationship isn’t working, for either you or your patient, we will make it easy for you to leave and find an alternative supplier.

Commissioners: We are focused on being the best possible partners for the long-term future of the NHS. We promise to work with you transparently using real world positive outcomes data. We know in this way, decisions can be made with greater confidence.

The NHS: We will always, evidently and proactively, protect choice underpinned by independence.

Look out for the SIACA Choice Assured mark – only the members of the Specialist Independent Appliance Contractors Association can use it.

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